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Range, microwave, ice maker and refrigerator repair.

Kitchen Appliances

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Turn to Riprock Appliance Repair when you need washer and dryer repair.

Laundry Room Appliances

Other Appliance Repair

We're experts in indoor and outdoor gas fireplace repair.

Other Appliance Repair


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Shed Light on Your Appliance Problems

We offer quality appliance repair services throughout Chandler and Tyler, TX and surrounding areas

Are you bogged down by home appliances that don't work? Riprock Appliance Repair is your local home appliance repair specialist. Our licensed technicians are dedicated to providing homeowners with long-lasting solutions to their home appliance problems.

When it comes to finding an appliance repair company you can trust in your home, turn to Riprock Appliance Repair serving the greater Chandler, TX community.

Why hire a professional?

If you're not professionally trained in appliance repair, trying to fix problems blindly could cause greater issues. When you're dealing with malfunctioning home appliances, Riprock Appliance Repair offers services that guarantee:

Warranty protection

We can help you with warranty claims and repairs that don't break warranty regulations.

Long-term solutions

Our technicians are dedicated to providing effective and durable solutions.


Our repairs will increase appliance efficiency and lower your energy bill.

Reach out to us located in Chandler, TX to learn more about our complete appliance repair service in Tyler, TX and the surrounding areas.

Let us lend you a helping hand

Riprock Appliance Repair is your hometown appliance repair specialist. Locally owned and operated, we work hard to maintain a solid reputation within our Chandler, TX and Tyler, TX community for reliable repairs. We strive to provide long-lasting repair solutions that don't break the bank.

With our resources and experience, we can provide the personalized appliance repair service that you deserve. Call 903-515-1797 to schedule your kitchen, laundry or specialty appliance repair today.

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